Case Studies

Case Studies

Here are some of the success stories of our DTC and CBD clients as we maximize our buying and measurement platform that provided transformative benefits.

How CPG brand finds Success In CTV Campaign

TVDataNow has become this household brand’s key partner in their overall TV strategy. 

How our data-driven CTV campaign has Replaced Facebook Conversions

Through direct relationship with publishers, the campaign has driven incremental reach and conversions. 

How a Cannabis / CBD brand achieved access to its target audience

This CBD brand has successfully achieved incremental reach and significantly improved the awareness of their potential customers toward the benefits of their products. 

Why TVDataNow?​

Call us for Measurement, Attribution and Optimization for connected TV advertising. We work with performance marketers, typically, brands and agencies alike to measure outcomes associated with their connected TV campaigns.

The big challenge for CTV right now is attribution. Nobody converts on a CTV. So every conversion, every outcome is a cross device problem. 

That’s why we are here for. We have built a solution that’s created specifically for CTV. 





Contact us to share the same success stories that our valued clients experience. 

We Love Providing Success to Our Clients With Our Services And data-driven Insights

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