Connected TV marketing is the future

The perfect blend of data-driven digital and linear engagement

Don't Get Left In The Past!​

US CTV ad spend is projected to hit $29.5 billion in 2024

82% of US Homes now have at least one Connected TV device, up from 56% in 2017

Source: eMarketer

Your CTV ads can:

Focus on your REAL Audience

Granular modern web tracking enables CTV/OTT advertisers to reach highly specific audiences. With data like browsing and purchase history, you can target your audiences with relevant and personalized messaging.

Retarget Over Multiple Channels

Reliable cross channel tracking, with the help of IP targeting, web retargeting, and device fingerprinting will empower you to dramatically increase your customers' exposure rates, increasing the likelihood of recall and purchase actions, whether they're using a PC, a phone, a tablet, or watching TV.

Utilize Sophisticated Attribution Tracking

The versatility of CTV/OTT advertising gives marketers specific tools to validate their efforts. The ability to connect an ad exposure directly to a website visit or purchase action will give you a more accurate picture of your ROI than traditional TV advertising ever could.


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Make a first impression!

The first seconds of a video are the most valuable seconds of an ad.

Past performance indicates that showing an app logo, a CTA, and the main message right at the beginning of an ad will perform better than alternative options. So, make sure to include all of those in the first 3-5 seconds of your video.

Most ads only show logos as they’re ending, but studies show that placing a logo in video ads from the start can be over 40% more effective.

One Message. One Ad.

Make sure your ad has a clear message manifested through a distinct voice.

According to past performance, it’s better to create multiple ads, each focusing on a single message, than a single ad that crams in multiple messages.

If you are running ay promotion, sale, or discount code, make this the central focus of the ad and make it clear within the first 3-5 seconds.

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QR Codes!

36% of respondents scan at least one QR Code a week

47% say QR Codes make life easier

87% of smartphone users had scanned a QR Code at least once

39% of respondents want QR Codes used more broadly in the future

CTV/ OTT allows brands to more effective target consumers

Consumers are accustomed and conditioned to carry out purchases on mobile devices

Bridge the gap between mobile and CTV with QR Codes

Improve The Effectiveness Of Your CTV And OTT Ads​

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