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Strategically take charge of your marketing goals with our distinctive technology in Buying and Measurement platform.


Solve your cross device attribution problem. With our distinctive technology, you can measure outcomes associated with your connected TV campaigns.


See your campaigns work based on your goals. We have distinctive graph that captures signals in a granular level to understand insights that are helpful to your marketing goals.


Improve your Cost-Per-Acquisition using the data from the outcomes we tracked and optimized.

TVDataNow brings a level of data-driven optimization to CTV that we just didn't think was possible. We are seeing real results from optimizing in new ways than we were before, and see TVDataNow as a key partner in our overall TV strategy.
Andrew Sillard, SVP of Consumer Marketing for Grove Collaborative
Andrew Silard
SVP of Consumer Marketing at Grove Collaborative
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Marketing on Connected TV (CTV) is fragmented, complex, and confusing.  Worry not! TVDataNow offers a simple measurement solution to marketers. 

Our Specializations

While CTV has historically been difficult for performance-driven marketers to track ROI, the opportunity now exists to better measure, optimize, and scale campaigns through CTV buying and measurement platforms. TVDataNow is the ideal partner to guide performance-based marketers through this unique opportunity

Deep Relationships with Dozens of Publishers

We get access to their inclusive inventories because of the close relationship we maintain with the publishers.

Access to Unique and Valuable Viewership Data

As we work directly with publishers, we get significant amount of data for identity matching and optimization.

Unique Exposure Tracking Metrics

Through unique exposure tracking and performance conversion metrics like CPA, CAC, and ROAS. We can provide robust data insights where brands can increase their ROI.

Custom Ad Tech (Ad Server, VAST Wrapper, Self-Serve)

As we work directly with publishers, we get significant amount of data for identiity matching and optimization.

AI And ML-Based Optimization Engine

Through our distinctive technology, we are able to capture massive amount of both event and context data that enables identity matching and optimization.

Cross-Device Identity Graph With 50+ Data Points For Each Impression Served

With various outcome points in the customer's journey, we collect to not only enable identity matching and attribution, but also funnel and site activity analysis.

TVDataNow is the ideal partner to guide performance-based marketers to scale their CTV campaigns through a unique and distinctive advertising attribution platform.


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Leadership, the expert team

With 35+ years of adtech experience, TVDataNow expert team is ready to help you achieve your marketing goals. 

John Hamilton

CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of TVDataNow. He did management consulting for about a decade and transitioned in 2009, from McKinsey to ad tech.

He loves to help performance marketers who are looking to test and scale new channels. 

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Hoon Ra

COO & Co-Founder

He’s into some running, basketball, politics, and tech.

With TVDataNow, he is focused on the integration of products and services.

Paul Bergeron

CTO & Co-Founder

He is the brains behind the operation. He solves all kinds of different problems at scale everything from measurement, tracking pixels, ad servers, etc. 

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