A CBD Brand For active people Achieves Access To Its Target Audience


A Cannabis/CBD brand for active people wanted to test the efficacy of CTV. Through TVDataNow’s Cross Device Attribution graph, the brand can closely track their ROAS and CPA. Having accurate performance insights in hand, they can optimize their campaigns through targeted creative assets and audience-centered strategies.

This popular brand wanted to reach their target market on smart TVs and OTT devices that are not captured on linear TV. Its goal to optimize the campaigns and refresh creative assets is to mainly drive new visitors to the website with the ultimate end goal of increasing signups and first time purchases.for 

Closely track ROAS and CPA
Reach target market
Optimize creatives and Data-driven campaigns
Increase sign ups and first time purchases


TVDataNow works directly with Paramount Plus, CBSViacom, Pluto, Plex, OTTera, and others to measure and optimize their CTV campaigns. Through TVDN’s deep publisher partnerships, the TVDN platform captures a massive amount of contextual data that enables us to do cross device attribution across not only publisher, but other attributes like genre.


The campaign was launched on a variety of TV publishers (Paramount +, CBSViacom, Pluto, Plex, OTTera, Scripps).

We were able to look at conversion rate by genre and successfully optimized against genre performance. We targeted a list of genres where the ads are to be placed. This not only enables optimization, it also provides context around the types of content the ads are running against.

The Result

With TVDataNow’s data driven approach, it has successfully provided the deep insights that are essential to maximize the outcome of campaigns. 

The test proved that despite significant restrictions in other channels, CTV / OTT is a not only a viable channel, but a scalable channel for CBD brands. As a result, the brand has achieved incremental reach and increased the awareness to their potential customers. The CPA has a tremendous decrease to $160.

While our unique attribution graph tracks every data, our technology ensures customer privacy.


"TVDN enabled us to quickly and easily test CTV as a brand new channel very efficiently, providing access to an audience and ad engagement which CBDs brands have historically lacked access."​

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