CPG Brand Finds Success In CTV Campaign


A CPG/Ecommerce brand wanted to test the efficacy of CTV. Through TVDataNow’s Cross Device Attribution graph, the brand can closely track their ROAS and CPA. Having accurate performance insights in hand, they can optimize their campaigns through targeted creative assets and audience-centered strategies.

This popular brand wanted to reach their target market on smart TVs and OTT devices that are not captured on linear tv or through their traditional digital campaigns.

Its goal to optimize the campaigns and refresh creative assets is to mainly drive new visitors to the website with the ultimate end goal of increasing sales.

Closely Track ROAS And CPA
Reach Target Market
Optimize Creatives And Data-Driven Campaigns
Increase Sign Ups And First Time Purchases


TVDataNow works directly with Tubi, Paramount Plus, CBSViacom, Pluto, Plex, OTTera, Scripps, Transmit, and many others to measure and optimize their CTV campaigns. Through this, we can capture a massive amount of both event and contextual data that enables identity matching and optimization.

TVDataNow continues to test new publishers and sources to find the right mix.


In partnership with a number of publishers, the campaign has driven incremental reach and conversions. Maximizing our measurement capabilities, we were able to identify the kinds of content that the target audience consumes.

During the campaign, TVDataNow and the marketing team collaborated to continually optimize and efficiently direct their potential customers to purchase.

The Result

$ 0 Million
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"TVDataNow brings a level of data-driven optimization to CTV that we just didn't think was possible. We are seeing real results from optimizing in new ways than we were before, and see TVDataNow as a key partner in our overall TV strategy."​

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