DTC Healthcare Brand Has Replaced Facebook Conversions Through Data-Driven CTV Campaign


Due to the vast collection of digital video content, the number of CTV users in the US has significantly increased. Performance marketers have clearly seen the impact of rapid  switching of viewers from linear TV to streaming services.

make up for the lost conversion volume that Facebook provided

Generate site visits, paid signups, and app downloads at an efficient CPA


TVDataNow works directly with Tubi, Paramount Plus, CBSViacom, Pluto, Plex, OTTera, Scripps, Transmit, and many others to measure and optimize their CTV campaigns. Through this, we can capture a massive amount of both event and contextual data that enables identity matching and optimization.

TVDataNow continues to test new publishers and sources to find the right mix.


In partnership with a number of publishers, the campaign has driven incremental reach and conversions. Maximizing our measurement capabilities, we were able to identify the kinds of content that the target audience consumes.

During the campaign, TVDataNow and the healthcare marketing team collaborated to continually optimize and efficiently direct their potential customers to sign up.

The Result

In partnership with TVDataNow, the company has witnessed a significant decrease in CPA and increase in website traffic.

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"As external factors cause our core digital campaigns to perform worse and reduced conversions come through those channels, TVDN has enabled us to make up for that loss with CTV. Not only are we generating incremental conversions, but CTV is one of our best performing channels. ."​

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